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Happy Birthday, Boss!!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

A mid-summer's day in paradise, there will be some fun with the family for the boss. Little background on the boss...

The boss works sometimes on his birthday, over the span of his work career which, early on, involved full-time Union work in Aviation. This was a treat to work seeing there was usually nothing else to do. Now since the recent birth of his daughter, Sophia, he has found his new favorite thing to do on his special day.

May was a hard month to go through for him, he was busy doing work elsewhere and stepping in and out of the office to relay what is going on for certain while he's out. We had a chance to create our first collectable item. We have this line out and established in our company history. Peep the seasonal clip!!

Thank you to Vans for the link.


For the boss's birthday, we will spend time with the extended family this Sunday, actually at the Zipline at Bay View Zip Line. The boss's birthday is on the 21st of this month. So, we now have 2 days to party. He gets an extra day. Not that bad if you think about it.

He wants dearly for his daughter to be appreciated and cared for but us, are in need as well.



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