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Hawaiian Koa Trees & Hardwood

In Umikoa on Big Island, we have a bit of a positive energy growing from the earth. The Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative has met with Vierra MGMT, the 2 Vierra families, and the one Vares family a handful of times over the years, enough to explain that their intentions and their instructions on client care.

The koa tree growers are all exceptionally talented and it shows. In the thicket of koa trees, the growers are calm. The grove of trees are perfectly lined up in rows and you could see the clouds setting in on the ridge of Mauna Kea over on the other side of the grove.

The business of this collaboration is we buy the trees and they grow and harvest the wood then the clients collect payment from sale of the Hawaiian hardwood. We as clients are excited to reach that point in the arrangement in the future.

As a company, Vierra Surf & Turf will have a bit of a line for dividends in the future. That would then ideally mean security for Surf & Turf MGMT therefore meaning a higher quality of work offered to the general public.


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