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Richelle: Guest Writer for Vierra Surf N Turf

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Aloha I'm Richelle Im a blog writer for Vierra Surf and Turf. I am from Coral Sands near Maili Point on the island of Oahu. As a little girl I learned about seashells and the waves. For the shells, I've learned to be careful picking up cone shells because some are poisonous. I have learned to pick them on beach or near shore making sure no animal is in them before I grab the shell to avoid getting stung. I also learned how to time the surf and know when to dive down under the wave in the shorebreak. My aunty taught me this technique at a Makaha beach shorebreak. The first job I ever worked at was at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park which is now known as Wet and Wild Hawaii. I was a lifeguard in 4 feet of water or less, known as a shallow water lifeguard. I did that for few years and had a great time working there. I left my job there to finish up my associate's liberal arts degree from Leeward Community College in Pearl City in 2009. I'm proud of my degree and the dedication and hard work put into it. I moved on to University of Hawaii for 2 summer sessions and 1 semester where I had the privilege of becoming a women's Basketball Team Manager there. I've met great people and players in the program. I decided that the major I was in wasn't for me. University of Hawaii Manoa didn't have the Health Fitness and Recreation Major I originally wanted to pursue so I decided to stop my schooling at that point. Since I needed a job I started working at Taco Bell in Waianae. For almost a year. I worked nights so I had the morning and day time to go to beach and surf. My home break I would consider Rest Camp in Waianae. I found that many of the Stand Up Paddle boarders were very nice to me and friendly. Some of those people I keep in touch with till this day! I surfed a bunch. I loved it so much I bought a HIC board I loved it! It was my magic board. Now years later I'm blogging about it! Till the next time. Make sure you find time to be "Finding Aloha"! Mahalo to Vierra Surf and Turf for the opportunity to be a blog writer! -Richelle

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