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Sophia's debut appearance & the Art Portfolio

We have been preparing for the arrival of our daughter, Sophia, and now await her establishment into company history. There will be lots of posts, products, and consideration going into the future of Vierra Surf & Turf.

We now announce her debut appearance and induction into the Family Vierra.


Sophia Nahoku'imo'imoikala'i'oKa'ena Vierra

Born 1/11/23 10:54pm by way of Cesarian. 6 weeks premature due to Preeclampsia. Discharged 1/22/23 from Kapi'olani Medical Center. In the time in the NICU, Sophia has learned to feed, use the bathroom, hold her heat. Affectionately dubbed "Super Sayan Sophia", she has accelerated and progressed to be discharged in 11 days after birth. She has a decent appetite and is doing everything with curiosity and wonder.


The Salty Dogs Section

In SURF news, Kathy Norton & Design Management Hawaii has made the rules to what is to be the requirements of this sponsorship. Prints has to have a story and be edited with Adobe Photoshop. These prints are hand selected with Vierra Surf & Turf's approval.

Some will come from the Surf side of things and some will come from the TURF. These are captured by iPhone and edited with Adobe Photoshop. We still ballin'.

So far so good. Work is starting up AND it's tax season in America.

- Vierra

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