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Bomber Safety Eyewear: The Floating Safety Glasses

Product Review: Bomber Safety Glasses and Eyewear

A Product for all Surf & Turf Departments

The need for quality safety eyewear spans all departments of Vierra Surf & Turf. Safe viewing is a priority so we plan to figure out to give the inns to this company neccessity.

We are reviewing Bomber Eyewear as needed for all departments. The need for safety eyewear is profound. In our Surf department, they deal with the sun and sea. The need would be for a polarized pair of glasses to view the ocean in high definition and protect from long periods of sunlight. In our Turf department, we needed the safety features to shine through cuz we deal with rocks and dirt consistently. Our art department, needs the style to feel like they are contributing to the cause. Bomber Eyewear is a stylish company with durable products and well thought out marketing that helps them get their point across.

Stylish Shades for all departments

We have researched the feild of Safety Eyewear and Bomber is a reputable company with big endorsments by people like Jeff Hubbard, from companies like the North Shore Lifeguards as well as others. The product is easy to order of the web and usually finds itself in your mailbox in a few weeks.

We use this website as our vendor specified for our eyewear

We christened the arrangement with our PPE purchase order for our Landscape Laborer's liberation off the inital probationary work period. He uses the pair we got 'em on his regular job as well. We hear good things about the product.

Only the Pros

These glasses are superb and in a class on their own. They float, they come with polarized lenses, and a prescription pair could be purchased if you had a 'script to fill.

Final Score:

Bomber Eyewear is super important cuz the compay and their products are exactly what people need when outside. The safety features are profound for their price.

5 of 5 stars from

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