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Updated: May 7

Yes, the blog writers are no longer on any contractor roster for Surf & Turf. We have a clean slate to work with towards getting a few collaboration contracts out of the next hiring season.

As for right now, it's been dreamy launching the brand-new collection for Saltwater Aficionados dubbed "The Hards Collection". The Collection refers to the portion of the carousel on the front page of the website that features the board-riding safety equipment and floatation devices we have selected suitable for sale in the shop with our SURF DEPARTMENT contribution. It's been fun.




We also had a few breakthroughs in media creations. I have the comic book filter on my iPhone iOS 17.1 now because we updated the brain of Vierra Surf & Turf recently. Went domestic starting off with a HP then went Chinese with a brand-new Lenovo, and now we have an American DELL laptop, and an iPhone... always an iPhone. We've been going through a down time with the custom photography shoot but in the meantime, we've been beefing up the core of the service itself. That's what the technology allows, so we must learn to harness the possibilities to be able to perform at a constant level... then when we're good at the baseline, we up the level again.

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