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The Count Down Begins…

Today I'm writing this blog from Kapiolani Hospital. I went to do a regular checkup on baby Tuesday and in the way home my OB doctor called and said after reviewing my blood pressure numbers she would need me to go into the hospital.

After being admitted to my room doctor came to visit me and diagnosed me with severe preeclampsia. That means I'll be in the hospital until I give birth to baby. Currently I'm at 31 weeks. Doctor would like me to give birth at 34 weeks.

They've been monitoring my blood pressure and blood glucose. I'm happy to say my blood pressure has come down close to normal.

It's the holidays and from our family to yours we want to wish you a safe and wonderful time with your ohana. Much mahalos for stopping by and checking out our web page. It means a lot to our small business

The Vierra's

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