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The Surf & Turf Happs (Mobile)

Updated: 4 days ago

So there’s this that we have been dealing with as a family unit and then I’ll let you in on the happenings from then till present day.

We have received the finalized estimate on the repair of our car.

This is the light at the end of the tunnel.

So that’s coming up soon and when we get to it we’ll be super relieved for the aesthetic of the vehicle. We’d like to thank

for their professionalism in handling our claim.


We did a run of business cards and was successful in finding places to put them up at. We have the honour of having it viewed at 2 respectable dispensaries locations and at a real good smoke shop in Kapolei.

All this action was to celebrate our unveiling of a medical referral benefit service and for the 329 renewal that the boss went through, following the guidelines he has found to work. Same ones I offer in this service.

In the this service listing below 👇🏼

we have created the demonstration of the Vierra Smoking Collection, which is the collection of smoking equipment the boss has on him that can be viewed and purchased from. Also with your $20 initial purchase, you can later receive information on a consultation company in the cannabis industry on Oahu that we use to offer clientele solutions to the pesky weather or not to even try to get a 329 card.

That’s the whole experience in essence.


Also fter further research, we found the corresponding clip to this shot above of the boss but in first person pov. That’s the news from the editing bay. Check it out below!!

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