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Vierra Surf & Turf and the Cannabis Movement

Looking for a job? Looking for a job with some sort of medical coverage? Look no further.

By State of Hawaii law, contractors are not required to be provided health insurance but here at Vierra Surf & Turf we take contractor coverage one step further. Although we do not have coverage from a HMSA or a OhanaCare, we go with a company that is equally yoked in our eyes. We have provided referrals that are familiar with HEMPTUARY cannabis doctors. Through them, we now have access to some sort of medical coverage that also could be categorized as only an expense.

Hemptuary has prescribing 329 doctors that is also affiliated with Aloha Green Apothecary. Since most of the Hemptuary locations are usually alongside corresponding locations of AGA, the boss goes to AGA but all 3 Oahu Cannabis Companies are up to purchase from.