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1st Landscaping Project of the Stewardship Contract

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The boss just came back from a trip and the animals were gone to a boarding dog kennel. They were there for a bit and the kennel in Nanakuli, HI up Hakimo road to the top and to the left is called Affordable Animal Boarding LLC.

Well seeing that they were away from their owners, the youngest by age but oldest with us, started digging holes in the planter that we were growing a double gardenia plant. To fix it we began the project "AUNTIE'S PLANTER" and began gathering for the job.

Lehua's hole. We prevent the dog's so the plants can survive.

After a night's rest, the trip to the vendor was planned and carried out. Got 80 Pro Xtra points out of it. As soon as we got home, the dogs were tied up so the boss could work on it. Here's the play by play.

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