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Kapolei Plant Nursery

Vierra Landscaping & Nursery has been up on the listings on Craigslist for a bit and we've have had business come our way while using the platform. As of now, we have made the necessary moves to be able to offer the TURF's goods and services to the public. Our marketing has Linktree as an aide for the appointment bookings and has brought us something to offer if clientele is hard up for funding to purchase the services. We'll provide the link for the cheaper rate, in which the regular website price is $90 and Linktree Special at $75. Here's some estimate photos and final products of the Yard Maintenance service.

The before.

The after. Kapolei.


The before.

The after. Waikele.


Vierra Landscaping & Nursery now offers a sodding/installment service!!

Here's the final product of the sole buyer of our sodding service.

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