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So work picked up. lol

Intake was picking up leads at a solid rate and processing with some umph.

Monday had a Turf call from Louisiana requesting logs of Green Ti Leaf clippings to be shipped to the client. We were excited for the request, and we are currently building a quote for them. Thank God for WIX and the Spaces App cuz without it, there would be only no can dos for all this stuff.

Pre-order for our Green Ti Leaf is now open. The space is in the nursery was needed and the plant is headed to be thinned. Big thanks to Richelle in Louisiana for the request to open the pre-order menu.

We are also super excited for the steps we have taken to begin selling our own clothing line for the SURF side of things. An amateur fashion designer, still in higher education, has been solicited for work. She is under the IG handle: and thus far, we are crunching numbers to give solid compensation for the assist. Big thank you to Chloe for being kind enough to hear me out and treat me with respect throughout.


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