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Heading into 2024 with Surf & Turf

Updated: May 26

We are excited to have a bit of tasks to do in all 3 departments of Vierra Surf & Turf. The SURF department has the most to be worried about but with all that, it's possible to enjoy it as well and it could be with brand new company. In the TURF department, we're still trying to allocate more money for the garden build in the backyard and with the Art department to cover all the events to come for Surf & Turf.


Saltwater Aficionados is currently attempting to sign a featured athlete from #teambodyboard stock. We're close. A Letter of Intent is being considered, signed, and returned to the care of the boss. The athlete and him are on speaking terms.

We have the vendors frothing to size and fit the prospect for what he needs to compete in the local bodyboarding circuits. It's important to get them settled quickly but thoroughly.


Vierra Landscaping & Nursery has a garden to build. We scoured and found some supplies that could possibly help the build go smoothly and efficiently. Now we are allocating funding to rent land in the property. This is a property owner approved project.


Art Department includes coverage of company events and distribution of media to document each occasion in company existence. Kala'i Photography has the remaining work load to propagate the media and get the word out on what we're doing. The challenge would be getting the media back to the other departments for posting and such.

Later Surf & Turf can apply funding for marketing. The objective was to remain smaller as a company, in stature, so we could punch our weight and be properly represented as what we are. A sole proprietor's company. Gotta realize that it matters how you see the company. Gotta be factual, you know.

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