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Updated: Jan 11


This is the first post on the Surf & Turf blog. We are going to focus on the "Turf" of Surf & Turf, Vierra Landscaping. There was a point in time circa 2015 when the boss had just moved back to Ho'okele headquarters after an offer to live in San Jose, California had fallen short, after a couple of years in Pearl City Palisades wandering, and the homeowners of the Ho'okele property had made a return package to rent with them. The best package was the place where the roots of Vierra Landscaping were established and a request to work the land at Ho'okele to put an additional value on the property to help sell came with negotiations for work trade. The first confirmation was notarized and we began working the land.

Ho'okele Headquarters PC: Vierra Landscaping


Well with that being established, work began and lots were accomplished in the period of time the boss was living there for about 4 years. A couple of things were done to the backyard, under a Hayden mango tree, including designing a kalo & herb garden. Who would've known the boss was decent at work?

Kalo Patch. PC: Vierra Landscaping

With all the adjustments, we put a decent amount on the property when the final appraisal was done four years after the smoke had cleared. We then packed up and stayed with the homeowners in Kapolei Knolls until we moved again to a smaller property. At this time, we are preparing to move back into the country specifically Ulu Wehi Neighborhood. So blessed to be experiencing this with everyone involved.

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