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Machu Picchu Energy: Organic Energy

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Product Review: Machu Picchu Energy

Energy to do things during your day has its limits and we're here to dispell the miseducation of the day to day energy drink conousuer. GO ORGANIC!!! DON'T GET HOPPED UP WITH THE SYRUP!!

Today's review is for Machu Picchu Energy. We first noticed this company to be widely known as a FLORENCE sponsor and we are fighting alongside John John and the rest of the Florences to help them succeed in the new season on tour by supporting the companies they do business with and get help from. We then can become a aide (vendort) to this sponsor of his to become the next big thing if he does well on tour.

Has to be served chilled or cold.

We went to Foodland in the middle of Kapolei. The location is shared with Domino's and Cure Oahu Kapolei. It's a pretty cool location. There's other establishements to choose from in the mall and they are all fine establishments. Foodland serves a purpose in that the way the drink is kept before consumption. It has to be chilled or served cold. If it's not served chilled or cold, do not consume.

Drank a can and took vitals at medical clinic

I consumed the drink a hour before I was to take vitals at a medical clinic in Ewa Beach. It's the Venture Medical 21 clinic on Makule St. that we will get news of our vitals after drinking it, the affect of the energy drink on my body, and what happens when you drink organic energy drinks like Machu Picchu Energy is famous for. This drink helps me by providing energy for the missions we accept daily without giving big temporary changes in internal body physiology. Its the changes that make you feel horrible. Took my vitals and nurses at the clinic say vitals were good and I had energy to make the appointment with ease.


The organic ingrediants help keep you wired but not too wired so you feel crappy, but wired enough for you to complete your business during the day. The sugary formula that is synonamis with energy drinks, is not the norm at Machu Picchu because they use a no-sugar recipe to get their point across. They are using ingredients that produce a cleaner and more sustainable boost.

The Final Rating

We've been up to this for 5 years and we can do a proper produce review.

We give 4 out of 5 stars to Machu Picchu Energy

Here are some helpful links to find the product locally

Machu Picchu Energy is sold at Foodland Groceries locally near you.

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