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Saltwater Aficionados' Wave Riding Style Packages

We have 2 styles covered with sport packages ends to one order of the Equipment Services. It took careful planning and documentation for the 2 packages to become flesh and bone. It's available to offer to the public.


With every inquiry into The Hards Collection, more and more excitement is created around #teambodyboard and #teamsurf respectively. Since this is a proprietary company, the chance to sponsor a rider is a hard opportunity to pass on. So far #teambodyboard's pro, Blaine Andrews, is set to answer the call for a sponsorship candidate. We have sent him a draft of a Letter of Intent for him to sign and return to the surf department. After that happens, we have the shot to gather all our focus and put it on Blaine to win.

We want to be involved in his run in the local bodyboarding circuit in Hawaii. Pls help us complete our responsibilities.

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