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Updated: Dec 15, 2023

So there's this....

As of now, all members of #teambodyboard are on hiatus and at a good long pause. Rider Mgmt has stated that all former riders are welcome to return to collect their dividends (when applicable) from their media sales. Originally, the final touches to their deals involved the flow of funds to help them establish under Vierra encouragement but with self promotion and to have a line to their own sales.

"Help me help you"


Tom Morris Comic

"Yin" by Funkshen Bodyboards

Source : Vierra

Upon initial christening of the Art department name of Kala'i Photography, the major undertaking that was planned and commissioned by Surf & Turf Mgmt, had finished. The results produced some exciting moments in the life of Michael Ikaika Vierra and other MGMT members. Enough of a paradigm shift collectively that he wanted to thank them for coming through and hitting all the swell with him. He built into policy the idea to fund riders with non-physical media collectables of their efforts in the water for them to self promote and earn money with at any time they would need the cash. The company uses for their company banking and for rider deposits off sales.

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