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The Salty Dogs 🐕

Updated: Oct 18


Circa 2012

- boss finishes his higher education degree

- attempt to move to San Jose, California falls short

- meets ex-fiancé


- creates 1st group on Facebook (Saltwater Aficionados)

- dissolved engagement with ex-fiancé

- enter a work trade relationship with homeowners of Ho’okele Headquarters (Vierra Landscaping origins)


- origins of Vierra Surf & Turf via DCCA & State of Hawai’i

- Vierra Surf & Turf moves to Kapolei Knolls after Vierra Landscaping puts additional value on Ho’okele HQ to sell via landscaping work trade


- meets future wife

- moves to Kalaeloa, Hawaii to live on Homestead in a apt.


- origins

- moves to Wai'anae, Hawaii with wife

Montara Park.


Weekend Warrior

1st Holes Ala Moana


• boss on at Third Dip. Ka'ena, HI

• boss at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve California

• boss at Saltwater Aficionados Kapolei HQ

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